Breathe Some Modern Farmhouse Style Into Your Bedroom

Breathe Some Modern Farmhouse Style Into Your Bedroom

Without a doubt, farmhouse style (not to be confused with shabby chic) can be as fresh today as when it first came onto the d├ęcor scene a number of years ago. Granted, there may be a few new twists, but there is still plenty of room for you to exercise your own brand of creativity.


You may want to get the bedding done first. Quilts reign supreme in farmhouse style, but that does not necessarily mean they have to be patchwork. Modern farmhouse uses layers in solid colors like cream or grey, relying more on patterned window coverings or toss pillows to bring in some pattern or theme. If you prefer to sew your own items, rather than buying from a retailer, consider purchasing your fabrics from the craft store Long Beach CA sewers prefer to shop at.


A rug is a great way to warm up the look of a room, as well as cold tootsies first thing in the morning. Try to avoid large modern graphics and opt instead for modern farmhouse prints such as charcoal on cream or a faded geometric. Avoid an indoor-outdoor rug, which has little pile and is less likely to stay put. Choose one that looks more substantial and be sure to use a foam pad beneath it to prevent slipping and to prolong the life of the rug.


Try to choose fewer, rather than more accessories. Modern farmhouse is more about setting a tone, than adding clutter. Choose an item to make a collection of or set a theme for, such as birdcages or farm animals. Add a couple of battery operated candles, a stack of old books and a couple of plants to round out the design.

You may also choose to add a wall of reclaimed wood or shiplap behind the headboard as a focal wall. With a few careful choices and a little elbow grease, your bedroom will start coming together and become a place you can dream in.