A Funny Thing Happened at the Four Winds Casino

A Funny Thing Happened at the Four Winds Casino

There are basically two types of people that gamble at a casino, those that are serious about their play and for others it’s not so much about winning as it’s more a form of entertainment. I consider myself the former.

Video Poker is my game of choice because some of the varieties of video poker (and there are many) only give the casino a slight edge and some machines, if you can find them, pay back over 100% if played correctly. Like any serious video poker player I have used computer software to practice and I’m a student of the video poker guru, Bob Dancer.

In between South Bend, Indiana and Chicago sits a massive Indian casino “The Four Winds” on the city limits of the small resort town of New Buffalo, Mi where the wealthy from Chicago frolic in the summertime. All of this frolicking becomes sort of expensive. Million dollar 1,000 sq. foot houses are a dime a dozen.

The Four Winds have a good selection of video poker games with the usual suspects being, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Bonus Poker, ect.

Now I point out these bonus machines for a reason. I have played a lot of Bonus Poker and have done so for well over twenty years, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, St. Louis, Illinois, Wendover, and Laughlin among others with my poker software in agreement with these casinos on how to play the regular Bonus Poker machines. I thought I knew the game of video poker until one day at the Four Winds….

Everyplace I have played, the bonus in bonus poker means if the player has four aces then a player gets a “bonus,” $400 dollars on a dollar machine. The reason for this is to compensate for the smaller payouts for the more common winning hands. Four Winds I found idn poker indonesia has their own style of video bonus poker, at least on some machines.

One afternoon using my impressive video poker skills, I coaxed four aces out of a Four Winds bonus poker machine. Great I told my girlfriend, $400 dollars. She glanced at the machine and said, “I don’t think so cowboy. I thought what a silly girl until I saw my payout was $125 not $400 but the same as regular Jacks or Better. The machine next to me labeled Bonus Poker had a payout for the same hand being correct at $400. A quick check around the different poker machines conformed that some were true Bonus Poker machines and some were not.

Each variety of poker machine require some minor, some major differences on the way the game is played to gain the best odds of winning. Now some poker machines of the same type have different pay out schedules such as 9/6 or 8/5 for a full house and flush respectively, and it’s a given for the player to checkout the payouts on the machines such as these, but no bonus with four aces on a Bonus machine?

A Funny Thing Happened at the Four Winds Casino

I found getting four aces on a poker machine was much easier then getting answers from the Four Winds. I made many phone calls and sent out emails and once in awhile I would get a response usually in the form of a phone call from someone that had no idea what I was talking about. One time I received a call from an event planner at the Four Winds. I think she was more confused then I was on why she was told to call me.

After many months I received a phone call from someone at the casino that said he knew something about these poker machines. He said they are set that way from idn poker indonesia the manufacture. Ok I countered, “But where is the bonus? He mumbled something about other hands paying a little more.

I have thought about calling the Michigan Gambling commission but can they rule on Indian Casinos? At this point I think the whole affair has been silly beyond belief and I still forget to check the payouts on the machines at the Four Winds when I play Bonus Poker. Forget it if I’m drinking, I just sit down and play Bonus Poker, at least I think it’s Bonus Poker.